About us

PRAGMA was founded July 2, 2006 in Zagreb. It was established with a desire to promote, develop and improve all aspects of social and health protection of at risk groups.

In order to achieve goals set in Article 8 of its Statute, PRAGMA will use community organising and mobilising methods, conduct research, education, evaluation and advocacy.

Pragma’s mission is to promote, develop and improve all aspects of social and health protection of socially disadvantaged and ill persons; initiate cooperation with organisations to make them more available to citizens and to better suit their needs; to facilitate interactions of individuals within their environment; to improve the quality of life of citizens in general through empowerment, education, counselling, research and advocacy.

Pragma’s vision is a society where individuals, families and communities have capacities needed for recognising, facing and solving problems, and where state, local and non-profit organisations act together to meet the needs of the citizens.

Pragma is committed to goals of general interest and of humanitarian character, and based on gender equality. In its work, Pragma follows basic human rights and dignity.

PRAGMA is focused at 4 strategic activities areas:

  • research
  • advocacy
  • education
  • evaluation


Address: Ulica Nikole Tesle 13, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: 00385 1 7789 950
Fax: 00385 1 7789 951

E-mail: pragma@udruga-pragma.hr

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/udrugapragma

Bank account number (for international payments): 703000-037434, IBAN HR69 2340 0091 1102 3295 4, SWIFT CODE: PBZGHR2X, Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb

Donors and Sponsors

  • City of Zagreb, Department for Health, Labour, Social Protection and War Veterans (2007., 2008., 2009., 2010., 2011., 2012., 2013., 2014., 2015., 2016., 2017.), www.zagreb.hr
  • City of Zagreb, Department for Education, Culture and Sports (2008. – 2017.), www.zagreb.hr
  • Zagrebacka County, Administrative Department for Health and Social Care (2007., 2008.), www.zagrebacka-zupanija.hr
  • Ministry of Family, War Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity (2007., 2008., 2009.), www.mobms.hr
  • Government of the Republic of Croatia, Office for Human Rights (2007., 2009.), www.ljudskaprava-vladarh.hr
  • Government of the Republic of Croatia, Office for Combating Narcotic Drugs Abuse (2009.), www.uredzadroge.hr
  • Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (2008.), www.mzos.hr
  • Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship (2008.), www.mingorp.hr
  • Olof Palme Center, SIDA (2007., 2008.)